These Stunning 60 Aesthetic Posters & Art Prints Ideas for Room Decor are INSANE! We’re OBSSESED! Check now!

60 Aesthetic Posters & Art Prints Ideas for Room Decor.
60 Aesthetic Posters & Art Prints Ideas for Room Decor.

Looking for some Aesthetic Posters and Art Prints for your room decor? Look no further! We got you covered! We often see all these influencers and Tiktokers with their aesthetic rooms on their TikTok videos or Instagram feeds and we wonder how expensive it would be to decorate the room like theirs and how it will take so much effort but now you are in the right place!!

Here are 60 Aesthetic Posters & Art Prints Ideas for your Bedroom, Living room, Dorm room, or just a simple Room Decor. We’ve created a Pinterest board and we will keep updating it as we find more ideas that are trending now and more suitable for millennials and Gen-Z!

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Just a reminder:


This poster is too calming and will look great with muted colored walls:

This might look great on an empty kitchen wall or somewhere in your dining room:

For Harry Styles Fans:

For anime fans the OG Otakus:

For the cool indie kids:

For the Harries:

If you got your peaches from Georgia:

For people who love minimalism:

For the cuties who love colorful posters:

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Aesthetic Posters India:

Aesthetic Posters for people who live in India and want an Indian touch in their rooms! If you’re Indian or you love Indian culture and mostly Bollywood, you’re at the right place! India is full of colors and different cultures and Bollywood movies are full of art and lots of aesthetics which you might not find in western countries or movies. Indian aesthetic is one of a kind and there are lots of artists who work hard every day to create aesthetic art prints or posters for room decor.

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas on Aesthetic posters India! We keep updating the board all the time so no worries about being left out on trends!


Salman Khan fans reunite here! Your most-wanted Bhai! Dabangg poster:


So Indian and so raw! this is a different kind of aesthetic!

For the Brown Kudis! This will look lovely on bedroom wall or in a brown girl’s wardrobe:

For Indian Arianators:

This is such a great aesthetic if you love pan or just love rolling:

For the boss ladies who come from different cultures! this poster is so powerful! will look great in a workplace!

For the indie-pendent ladies who don’t care about men:

For the artists:


If you love ancient Indian architecture this is for you:


This will look great as a print:

This is so desi and so raw but beautiful!

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Aesthetic posters to print:

There are lots of Aesthetic posters to print and you can get printed and stick them on your room walls, you can buy posters from stores or just do a little DIY by finding some free posters on Pinterest or google and simply print them out! Below are some posters and art prints you can easily print out. Few of them are not free but are affordable!

You can check out our Pinterest board for more printable posters idea we keep updating the board!


If you like simple art, this poster is made for you!


This symmetrical photography is beautiful for filling your wall collage.


If you love chai this poster is made for your cafe or dining room!

Posters for the kitchen must be colorful!

Mandala posters are always a good option!

Oil-painted posters are also an option for muted walls or natural-toned colors!

Block printing posters are great if you’re going for a bohemian look for room decor!

This one is not free but worth the price!

Printable posters for divas!

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Aesthetic Posters Amazon

If you can’t decide what posters and art prints to get for your room, you can easily find some good posters on Amazon, Redbubble, Etsy and Pinterest. Amazon has some best posters which are quite affordable and easy to get shipped to your doorstep. Comparing Amazon to Redbubble, Amazon has been proven more easier and affordable with lesser shipping charges with fast delivery no matter where you live in the world. Amazon sells a bundle of aesthetic posters with a color theme so you don’t have to look and arrange for different posters online.

Aesthetic Posters on amazon:

This is such a nice poster!


For people who love the blue sky and orange hues this is a 74 pieces bundle of posters!


love peaches? This 100 poster pack will look great on your bedroom wall!

If you like vintage posters!

This is a nice bundle if you love muted colors!

If you are an indie kid and want more than 10 posters and prints this bundle is for you!


All kinds of aesthetic posters in one!


VSCO Aesthetic Posters:


We have all been in our vsco phases and it is amazing and embarrassing for some, but some of us still use vsco for edits and no other app can replace it, if you love Tumblr like most millennials you must know what is vsco and what is a vsco girl or vsco boy. Vsco is an app used for aesthetic edits and I know so many people who have turned into professional editors after using vsco for a long time in our Tumblr phase.

Here are a few Vsco edit posters or just a vsco phase posters if you are living in nostalgia or love vsco and can’t find a replacement yet!

So many summer vibes from this!

You know you want this picture as a print in your wall:

VSCO Aesthetic posters bundle! omg!


The classic beach pictures edited with vsco C1


“You’re insecure.. don’t know what for..”

So many tumblr vibes in one poster!

For the Harries!


Soft Girl Aesthetic Posters:

Soft Girl aesthetic Posters are for the girls who love pink and love to dream. This aesthetic shows your passion for pink, money, love, and emotions. This aesthetic shows that you prioritize your emotions first but don’t let yourself fall too hard. If you relate with this aesthetic, Soft girl aesthetic is for you.

You can get soft girl aesthetic posters from Pinterest and a lot of other resources if you’re looking to buy soft girl aesthetic art from artists. There are a few artists who take commissions and create/make customized posters according to your liking.



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