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Is Bollywood running out of ideas and is too influenced by South Indian Cinema? – Sahi Hai Bro

Indian (including South Indian Cinema) films have always inspired world, it has covered way lots of topics and gave chance to many world-class actors and directors right from the beginning. Movies in India are made according to the taste of their audience.

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How Bollywood has taken over the world?

Indian audience is someone who can be defined as the actual audience, the reason we see that there are lots of family films which are released in India on the occasion of festivals like Holi, Diwali, EID. It also gets a response on large if it is a film of some star. This industry’s popularly known as Bollywood in the world, but if one has to define Indian Cinema, Bollywood is nothing but a part of it.

There are Bengali films, Marathi films, South Indian films, Bhojpuri films, Gujarati films which overall completes the concept of Indian Cinema. All of these industries have their own legends who have made a mark to set standards of Indian cinema in the world. When it comes to Bollywood we see that Bollywood is always influenced by some of the other industries.

Example. ‘Golmaal’ is a movie based on Mihir Bhuta’s Gujrati Drama ‘Aflatoon’ or ‘Dhadak’ Inspired by the popular Marathi movie ‘Sairat’. Earlier there were some movies that were inspired by Bengali films be it be ‘Bawarchi’ of Rajesh Khanna or ‘Kora Kagaz’ of Jaya Bachchan.  If it comes to south Indian Films most Bollywood films nowadays are remakes of south films.  Sometimes movies are not only inspired but also sync frame by frame, emotion by emotion.

How is South Indian Cinema has progressed and become so rich compared to Bollywood?

South Indian Cinema industry is one of the richest industry in India and also in the world, their innovations, out of the box concepts, classic and versatile acting has brought this industry to a noticeable platform not only in India but also all over the globe. Actors are loved deeply by the audience, and people are crazy for their stars in the south. Movies of stars go houseful for months once they are released. People put garlands on posters and worship their stars in the south they always see these actors larger than life no matter movies are fictional or realistic.

In recent and contemporary times Bollywood is influenced on large scale by South Indian Cinema:

To name some:

South Indian Cinema’s Chandramukhi is Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar starrer Bhool Bhulaiyya.

South Indian Cinema’s Vikramarakuddu is Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar Starrer Rowdy Rathore.

South Indian Cinema’s Pokkiri is Bollywood’s Salman Khan starrer Wanted.

South Indian Cinema’s Ramoji Rao speaking is Bollywood’s Biggest Superhit starring Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal’s Hera – Pheri

South Indian Cinema’s Arjun Reddy is Bollywood’s, Shahid Kapoor’s latest hit Kabir Singh.

Sometimes even the names of movies are not changed,

Singham, Ghajini, Ready, Run, Drishyam are some of the examples, also the same genre in both industries.

How exactly South Indian Cinema works on their stories compared to Bollywood?

Development of script and concept is a major difference between these two industries, there is no doubt in direction of South Indian Industry but they build a very strong base at its story and script level itself, they try to find uniqueness in a story in every film and don’t let the audience to watch cliché movies again and again.

The same rule is applied for all the actors reason why we see stars like Rajnikanth do versatile roles in movies such as Shivaji – The boss, Kabali, Robot 1, Robot 2. Not only Rajni but also senior actors such as Kamal Hasan, Nagarjuna, Mohanlal, Vikram looks distinctive in their respective movies. The same goes for contemporary actors such as Dulqueer Salman, Dhanush Mahesh babu, Sudeep, and also the Bahubali Star Prabhas.

These actors put their hard work into movies and later it inspires Bollywood directors and remakes of these movies are made sometimes they are scene by scene and no innovation or Bollywood flavor is added to it.

What is Bollywood lacking and What all needs to change comparing to South Indian Cinema?

There’s nothing that Bollywood actually lacks in film making or in technical things it is just that Bollywood has to work more and more on scripts and give chance to new scripts. What we today see in Bollywood is either there are remakes of old Bollywood movies or remake of some South Indian Cinema, or to be original they depend on biopics. Bollywood has great Directors who are experimenting with new concepts and are nailing it, to name a few, Hardik Mehta’s Kaamyaab is an iconic movie, Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 web series are some great examples of original Indian Cinema.

This is the right time for Bollywood to change its attitude towards the writers and accept what they right with an open heart, believe in them, and present it to their audience.

(Featured Image Credits: Drishyam (Hindi) IMDB, Drishyam 2 on Instagram)

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