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Everything Wrong With Bigg Boss Season 14!- SahiHaiBro

After all the things happening and Bigg Boss’s 14th season being a disaster served on a plate to the audience, here’s my opinion on Bigg Boss Season 14.

This year’s Bigg Boss Contestants stooped down a bit lower for gaining TRP than expected, There’s been a hell of lot of inappropriate things in the name of “Entertainment”

I started watching Bigg Boss since the day it started like from season 1. When I first started watching it, it was supposed to be a family show and there was wayyyy less vulgarity, foul language, and fights. I mean there were fights, but the contestants barely dragged the whole family or took names. it was less controversial and very entertaining and indeed watch-able with your family. If anyone did anything that’s unacceptable, the host would call them out and everything was back to a normal, fun entertaining reality show with less scripting and more reality. Simpler times.

Cut to, Bigg Boss 13, my personal favorite. Although It had everything, love, drama, romance, ugly fights, foul language, and scripted-but-looking-like-reality kind of drama, the show went a big hit! Everyone around me was watching it, talking about it and most of all, loving it and eagerly waiting for the new episode to air. Now there were some contestants who took names and got their personal problems on the show so the show gains more TRP and the contestant who’s dragging their personal and basically entire life problems on national television gets double the amount of money. Now that’s where the problem started.

Cut to, Bigg Boss 14, the 2020 show, I mean what can you expect? In 2020, everything went wrong, so we can’t blame the makers, but also what saddens me that is the makers could take this as an opportunity to make this show a hit since the whole country was locked down and EVERYONE were home and watching shows they were never even supposed to watch at the first place, and for me, personally, Bigg Boss was an escape from reality kind of thing. I had huge expectations with the show and looking at how the last season went, I thought Bigg Boss will take a huge step and make the show a bigger hit than the last one of course. but hey, they tried.

The problem started when some former Bigg Boss contestant came as a challenger or something and started speaking about their personal problems on the show like about their family, mother, and father, but hey, who’s interested? Where’s the entertainment? Do we really wanna watch and know about a particular person’s personal life because I personally believe Netflix’s “Bollywood Wives” is enough for us.

Thing is, the celebrities look at Bigg Boss show as a “chance” to make themselves look good in public, they do everything they possibly can and they stoop low as much as they can, the makers give them as much money they ask because they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do or it has huge risk or it can destroy lives. Speaking of the show, Salman Khan couldn’t do much this year and it really disappointed me because I started liking Salman Khan when he was hired as a host for the show. Basically Bigg Boss is the reason why I like Salman Khan. I used to wait for Weekend Ka Waar because he used to actually make a difference and the contestants would actually listen and then act right in the show, but this season, of course, Salman didn’t do enough and looked uninterested and didn’t call anyone out who did inappropriate things, like Rakhi Sawant for instance.

Speaking of Rakhi Sawant “the drama queen” did so much in this season compared to the first season I actually started liking her, but then again, as they say, too much confidence is overconfidence, she overdid the entertainment thing and took the drama queen tag very seriously like a full-time job. I mean, If you change roles, imagine, if Rakhi Sawant was a man and Abhinav Shukla was a woman, Rakhi Sawant would be in jail right now for the things she did to Abhinav Shukla, and nobody cared to call her out except Rubina Dilaik.

Although maybe Salman tried to call her out, but maybe Rakhi Sawant is the entertainment the makers need right now, to save Bigg Boss Season 14 from becoming a flop.

From Arshi Khan’s Homophobic comments to Rakhi Sawant almost molesting a man, Bigg Boss season 14 failed, there is nothing “entertaining” looking at people who are struggling in life with, you name it, money, divorce, love life. From waiting for Bigg Boss’s new episode to air every day, here’s me watching only the teasers of everyday episodes just to get updates because it feels negative and boring to me now. Although the season is almost ending, here’s to hoping the next season is better than this one at least.

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