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Suriya Mishra: the Most Famous & Loved Social Media Star EXCLUSIVE Interview! 2021- SahiHaiBro

Suriya Mishra: the Most Famous & Loved Social Media Star EXCLUSIVE Interview! 2021

Social media is an awesome platform for showing your talent! Apps like Instagram, Reels, Tiktok, Youtube, Snapchat are great to show your talent internationally.

There are more apps in India that have just launched now, apps like Moj, MX Takatak, Snack Video, Josh, Tiki, Roposo have been favorites among Indians in 2021.

Social media stars now have a huge impact on people’s lives now that people spend almost all day on phone.

Influencing is a profession now and people love to watch short videos on apps and in 15 seconds there are some very talented people who make us laugh, teach us something, entertain us with their dance and acting or any talent they have.

We’re talking about someone who is making us laugh all year long with her consistency and talent. She can make a video doing nothing but making faces and you won’t even realize that you’re already laughing. She has the power to make you laugh in 15 seconds.

She is cute, She is so funny that you can’t help but just keep watching her videos, again and again, You’ve seen her on social media, You’ve watched her on LIVE Television, You’ve seen her on WhatsApp forwards, statuses, stories etc. etc. etc. basically, She is everywhere!

You already know by now, presenting, none other than Suriya Mishra!

So we got a chance to ask a few questions to her, not the normal FAQ kind of questions, but something up-close and personal, people generally ask her about what is Suriya Mishra’s age but we didn’t ask her that!

We asked her some questions so that her fans aka #Suru Ke Funters know her better! Keep reading!

1. Hello Suriya Mishra, Welcome to our first exclusive interview, When did you start making content?

“Hello! Thank you so much, I’ve been making videos since 2017 on TikTok and other apps! It’s quite exciting”

2. So Suriya, Describe your entire journey and the struggles.

“Wow, good question! I was born in a small town named Jalna from Maharashtra, for the acting career I stay in Mumbai, I’ve been making videos since 2017 on TikTok and other apps.

I had reached 1.5 million followers on TikTok before the ban and my fan hashtag is #surukefunters I’m now only making videos on Instagram and I’m about to reach 200k followers there. I’ve struggled with the views back then in 2017 I used to get very fewer views but by time and with my consistency I reach millions of views today.”

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Suriya Mishra Exclusive Interview with most famous & loved social media star Surya Mishra.
EXCLUSIVE Interview with Most Famous & Loved Social Media Star Suriya Mishra!

3. Who do you think is your competition/rival in the digital content industry? Name them.

“Nobody. I feel like I’m my own competition and I challenge myself every day to keep getting better and to keep making more videos to entertain my audience. It’s important if you focus on yourself more than what others are doing.”

4. Tell us about your hobbies, hidden talents (please attach video links or image links if any)

“I’m also a fashion designer I was one of the Lakmé Fashion Week NextGen Designers back then and I’m also an illustrator, I’ve been making illustrations since 2013, attaching one of my old illustrations. and speaking of some hidden talent, Main apne tongue se nose ko touch kar sakti hu .. just kidding 😁”

5. So Suriya Mishra, If you were not a Content Creator what occupation will you choose? Describe, Why?

“Maybe I’d pursue a career in fashion or I’d be an illustrator since I’m good at drawing them. And I love creating new art. I’m great at drawing as well, I used to draw before but now I’m focusing more on my videos.”

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6. What advice you have for the kids who want to be a content creator like you and why?

“I’d tell them to focus on their studies first as this is not the right time to make videos, kids often get mislead by some videos on the internet and then end up being trolled. There’s a lot of hate on the internet and it’s not good for a naive heart like kids. So if someone is making content and is very young I’d advise them to do it under their parental guidance.”

7. Describe yourself in 5 words.

“It’s hard just in 5 words? I’ll describe myself as “Funny, Talkative, Cute, Creative, savage” yup, that’s me!”

8. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

“My family is my greatest strength and Pav bhaji is my weakness. 😋”

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what are your future plans?

“I see myself as a Bollywood star, just like Shahrukh Khan. He is my biggest inspiration and I admire him and I’m working very hard to be like him.”

10. Name at least 2 films that changed your life and describe why?

“Hera pheri and phir hera pheri. I started making videos on the dialogues of both movies and my videos started getting viral because of these movies. One can never get bored watching these movies.”

I’d like to say a big hiii to all the lovely readers! And I’d like to thank you guys for giving this opportunity so people can know me better as a person. Thank you. Stay Safe.

So that’s it for today, We loved this interview session with Suriya Mishra, and we hope you enjoyed reading it as well. We will be back with more interviews with your favorite social media stars, till then keep a check and take care!

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(Featured image credits: Suriya Mishra on Instagram)

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