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Orange Cap in IPL 2021: Top 8 Players Who Deserve To Win! – SahiHaiBro

Orange Cap in IPL 2021: Top 8 Players Who Deserve To Win! 

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 has given birth to many emerging players’ careers, it is not only a tournament where one team wins and the other has to wait for their chance for another year.

The tournament also honors players with amazing performances. There are various awards like, Purple cap (for a player who takes most wickets in the tournament), or there is an award called Maximum Sixes Award, Most Valuable Player, Player of Match (final), Emerging player of the year. Out of all these, the most discussed and Honored Award in the Indian Premier league is the Award of Orange Cap (For a player who is leading run-scorer of the tournament).
Not only newcomers but legends of cricket have crafted their names on Orange cap in IPL.
Let us take a look at the players who have won this orange cap over these thirteen years of

IPL Orange Cap Winners Over the years: 

  1. (2008) – Shaun Marsh, KXIP
  2. (2009) – Mathew Hayden, CSK
  3. (2010) – Sachin Tendulkar, MI
  4. (2011) – Chris Gayle, RCB
  5. (2012) – Chris Gayle, RCB
  6. (2013) – Michale Hussey, CSK
  7. (2014) – Robbin Uttapa, KKR
  8. (2015) – David Warner, SRH
  9. (2016) – Virat Kohli, RCB
  10. (2017) – David Warner, SRH
  11. (2018) – Kane Willamson, SRH
  12. (2019) – David Warner, SRH
  13. (2020) – KL Rahul, KXIP

Not only knowledge of game or condition is required to win the orange cap in IPL but also,
players have to play a consistent game throughout the tournament, The player has to play in all the ordinary and extraordinary situations and keep his lead, sometimes the difference between orange cap winner and runner cup is just 10 – 20 runs. So all the players have to perform up to the mark.

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Who may be the winner of Orange Cap in IPL 2021?

Last year many players were near to win the Orange Cap in the 13th season of IPL, But KL Rahul was one who was capped. The five contenders to KL Rahul were David Warner, Ishan Kishan, Shreyas Iyer, Quinton De Kock, Shikhar Dhawan.

Let’s take a look at 8 players who can take Orange cap Home this year IPL 2021:

8. Shubhman Gill – Will He win Orange Cap?

Kolkata Knight Riders in the last two to three seasons have been dependent on its opening
batsman, Shubhman Gill has performed responsibly and has shown his consistency while opening for Kolkata Knight Riders. In IPL 2020, Shubhman Gill scored 440 runs in the tournament and it seems like in IPL 2021, the talented hunk even seems to be in the form to take the orange cap home.

7. Ishan Kishan is in his best form, will he take home the Orange Cap in IPL 2021?

Given a chance by Mumbai Indians, Ishan Kishan with his significant performance has not only made his place in the team but also with his constant run-scoring innings has brought him to fight the orange cap battle. Ishan Kishan’s performance in India vs England series brings him even close to win an orange cap in IPL 2021.

6. Shreyas Iyer IS still in the race of winning Orange Cap in IPL 2021!

Last year being skipper of Delhi Capitals Shreyas Iyer was in a race of winning orange
cap being loaded with so many responsibilities. His half-century in India vs England T-20
series first match brings clarity about how much form he is in to score and can be orange
capped this year.

5. Shikhar Dhawan is one of the contenders who may win Orange Cap in IPL 2021!

Not only last year but ‘Gabbar of Delhi Capitals have always been in
the race of orange cap since the last two seasons. Though he seems to be out of form in the ongoing series, no one can ignore how hard he hits the ball when he returns to his form.

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4. Virat Kohli 

The skipper of the Indian team and also of RCB does not seem to be in the form in
several games he has played in the recent past, but no one can deny how promising Virat plays and there can be hardly any doubt about his consistency. He has won the Orange cap in IPL in 2016, this year he has strong middle order with the incoming Maxwell which will help him to play stress-free inning and can be capped with the Orange cap this year.

3. Rohit Sharma THE PERFECT contender in IPL 2021 for Orange Cap? 

Though Mumbai Indians have won Five titles of IPL, it has brought
the orange cap home only once in these 13 seasons which was won by Legend Sachin Tendulkar. If any other player can win it for MI after Sachin it can be only Rohit Sharma. He has always known for his big innings and once he is set it is difficult to take his wicket, till he reaches a ton.

2. KL Rahul can definitely win Orange Cap in IPL 2021!

KL Rahul was one of the only batsmen who was unstoppable last year, with his consistent
performance in which there were 1 Hundred and 5 fifties Rahul wrote his name on the cap. This year as well he will be ready to win the Orange cap.

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1. David Warner might win Orange Cap, this year again?

How can the race of orange cap end without the mention of David Warner?
Warner till now has won three titles of the orange cap in 13 seasons right from 2015. Warner has always been raced for the orange cap. This keeps him at the number 1 position in this list.

No matter who wins this Race of orange cap all these players are ready to entertain there
fans with their bats, Only the players and their performances will tell who will The ORANGE CAP in IPL 2021.

Are you looking forward to watching this year’s IPL?

Comment who do you think can win the orange cap in IPL 2021!

(Featured Image Credits: Shubman Gill on Instagram, Virat Kohli on Instagram, David Warner on Instagram)

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  1. Yes Bro! Your view is very much informative with good references and brief explanation. Short and to the point.
    I am excited to watch IPL this year. Not only watch but also want to attend it in the stadium cheering my favourite team Mumbai Indians.
    I think this year Suryakumar Yadav has more chances to win Orange Cap.
    What do you think Bro..!

    • Yes even he has chances to win, the way ‘Sky’ has played in India – England series he seems he is inform and also in race of orange cap

  2. There cannot be better list of names than this! And I think Suryakumar Yadav can also be a strong contender!

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