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POLL: Best Fandom On Social Media 2021! VOTE NOW!

POLL: Best Fandom On Social Media 2021! VOTE NOW!

So we’re at it again! This is the Best Fandom on social media 2021 Poll! If you love fangirling and drooling over celebrities, check your fandom name here. We’re just trying to prove a point on which fandom is awesome!

We can give a little introduction to the fandoms we have mentioned below! You have to vote for your fandom and become the best fandom on social media 2021..

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Sidharth Shukla Fans (SidHearts)

Shehnaaz Gill Fans (Shehnaazians)

Rubina Dilaik Fans (Rubiholics)

SidNaaz ship Fans (SidNaazians)

Jasmin Bhasin Fans (Jasminians)

Salman Khan Fans (Salmaniacs)

Alia Bhatt Fans


Justin Bieber fans (Beliebers India)

Rahul Vaidya Fans (RKVians)

Best Fandom in the World

The best Fandom in the world right now is the BTS Army, after defeating Directioners (One Direction Fans) also known as 1D Fans.

When 1D went on a break, BTS and KPOP introduced themselves to the whole world and the fans welcomed them with open arms. Kpop music has been here for years but the fam and appreciation they are getting right now is immense!

In India, people are starting to like KPOP and BTS, BlackPink are the first choice when it comes to playing KPOP music.

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Speaking of the best fandom award, SidNaazians just won the best fandom award on social media in India, which is the coolest thing ever..

Speaking of Best Fandom, BTS Army is considered to be the Best of all fandoms in the world in 2020, and they’re continuing in 2021. In India, BTS Army is growing day by day, and it is amazing to see so many Indian fans coming together to support BTS, the South Korean KPOP boy group.

Indian celebrity fandom is no less than international celebrity fandom. Actor Salman Khan has an immense amount of fan following all over the world. Whereas, Actress Alia Bhatt is gaining popularity among teenage girls and boys…

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Bigg Boss celebrity fans have a grip on social media as well, Fandoms of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill are ruling on social media, It is no secret that Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla are loved very much on the internet and are the internets favorite couple, of course, their fans won the award for themselves..

The latest Bigg Boss winner Rubina Dilaik is gaining more and more fans on social media. Jasmin Bhasin along with Aly Goni has gained lots of fans as well. Rahul Vaidya has his own fanbase named RKVians.

Fandoms are awesome and being a part of fandom is the best feeling ever. We all have been in at least one fandom.

We should normalize giving fandom’s award because it takes A LOT to be a part of fandom 24/7. Being a fangirl or a fanboy isn’t a 9-5 thing, you have to be ON it all the time but the best part, you love it and you do it willingly! 

Team Sahi Hai Bro salutes and appreciates all the fandoms! We love each of you and being a fan is amazing, spreading and loving other people unconditionally. 

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