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QUIZ 2021: Which Bollywood Movie Character are YOU according to PERSONALITY and your strange choices? Check NOW! – SahiHaiBro

QUIZ 2021: Which Bollywood Movie Character are YOU according to PERSONALITY and your strange choices? Check NOW!

We all want to be a star in a movie, admit it. With this quiz, you will at least know what your Bollywood Movie Character will be though it will cost zero rupees to know that which is even great! Take the quiz and come back up here to see what advice you need to make it a hit! Or shall I quote Baburao from Hera Pheri, “Aana Haa, Pakka aana, Nahi to main ghar pe aake deke jaunga.”

Bollywood movie characters have so many awesome personalities and some of them are so so iconic, I mean, do you know anyone who can replace Poo? Nah. Do you know anyone who HATES Geet? Nah. Kareena Kapoor is an icon and CEO of doing iconic characters in Bollywood, but that’s not it, We’ve got plenty of more characters in Bollywood so we made a fun quiz for all Bollywood fans, so go ahead play the quiz and come back up here to read the briefing of your Bollywood Character.

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Bollywood Movie Characters briefing for you:

QUIZ: Which Bollywood Movie Character are you according to your choices? - SahiHaiBro
Image Credits: Dharma Productions

If you got Geet from Jab We Met, We know being fun is cute but it looks good only on screen, girl, calm down, being fun and sensitive both is a wrong combination for a personality. Your decision-making game needs an upgrade. You take things lightly at first and when the burden kicks in you go MIA, which is bad.

This is called crazy behavior and you need to change that. That’s cool you have a passion for not missing trains but sometimes you gotta see the real picture. You need to stop obsessing over boys who don’t care about you.

You need to stop letting them in whenever it is convenient to them, also boys don’t like surprises when it comes to eloping and getting married, so be careful.

Don’t take Kareena Kapoor‘s inspiration to take risks, She had Aditya with her.

If you got Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, well pick a side girl, you either can study or you can either go have an adventurous life. Doing both is a no-no and you’ll be exhausted.

Bunny isn’t the one who is confused, you are confused. and also, you need to stop comparing yourselves with girls who don’t even value themselves, no you’re not boring if you have sat in a rickshaw before, its public transport, how you’re gonna reach the market? riding a Lamborghini?

If you got Anshuman from Jab We Met, boy, as much as you hate to admit it, you know you are toxic. You are right though most of the time.

You’re powerful and you’re opinionated, no it doesn’t make you a coward if your girlfriend surprises you at your doorstep telling you to run away and get married out of nowhere, but sometimes seeing Ganne Ke Khet with your friends early morning is mesmerizing. Let people in, they love you.

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If you got Kachra Seth from Phir Hera Pheri, man, start living. It’s good that you work so hard and earn money and teach your kids while at work, but live your life and go out there.

Money can buy happiness but you need to buy it first. Go buy ice cream of that 150 rupees, you and your kids need it. Like a lot.

If you got Poo from Kabhi Khushi, Kabhie Gham, apne andar ki Kareena Kapoor ko jagao, You’re a diva, You’re PHAT and you know it! People are intimidated by your confidence and that makes you powerful.

Live your life to the fullest. you got it all. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You’re beautiful and you’re owning it. People hate that. Keep doing your thing boo!

If you got Lucky from Golmaal, That means you need to speak up bro! Be opinionated, Be heard. You can’t sit quietly and let your friends talk for you. You need to make the first move.

You need to start speaking up and stand up for yourself because clearly, it is getting you into issues you’re not even a part of. People hate a silent friend and it is known as people love to manipulate and don’t be that person who is easily manipulated!

Find Out Which Bollywood Movie Character are you?

Comment on which Bollywood Movie Character you got and share your results with friends and compare your results! Share the fun.

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(Featured and Quiz Image credits: Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd., Dharma Productions, Base Industries Group, Reliance Entertainment, Rohit Shetty Picturez)

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