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Look like celebrities with this Skincare Routine in Every Season of the Year.

Skincare Routine and Busy don’t go together. We see influencers and celebrities having a busy lifestyle but an amazing skincare routine while looking perfect in every season of the year. Skincare is an essential routine. Taking care of your skin can be a very easy-but-difficult-to-follow-daily task. Here are some skincare tips with and without products that you can do at home! Whether it is summer or winter, we have got you covered with some tried and tested skincare tips from TikTok and Pinterest!!

Skincare shall be done every day no matter what gender or age you are. Skincare is not just limited to your face but your skin all over your body, no matter what body part, it needs to be taken care of in every season!!

Types of skincare:

Different skincare types depend on your skin concerns and requirements according to your skin and body. Men and Women both need to work on their skin to make it look flawless every day. Types of Skincare include

  1. Taking care of your face skin.
  2. Body Skin Care Tips.
  3. Acne and other skincare problems.
  4. Daily Skincare routine.

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1. Taking care of your face skin..

People tend to take care of face skin more than their body skin which is good and normal in some ways but also not very healthy, some people go overboard with facial skincare and have no idea on what to use and what to not, so they spend tons of money on products they don’t need without knowing their side effects on their skin..

Products reviews shall not be trusted these days because most of them are paid and the people who are reviewing the products don’t have any idea of what they’re doing and have never used the product they’re reviewing, they just love to make money. Most influencers on social media barely use any products they endorse on their social media pages. People who have good skin normally opt for a natural skincare routine instead of having a routine with lots of heavy and expensive skin care products.

You can opt for a more natural skincare routine as well by using things that are easily found in your kitchen.

  • Use natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products on your skin.
  • Skin Icing: Applying ice cubes on your face when you wake up every day can help depuff your skin and gives you a natural glow throughout the day.
  • Always wash your face before going to bed.
  • You have read this everywhere but Drink lots of water. it really helps.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Steaming your face once or twice a week helps in cleaning up your pores.
  • Drink/Eat watery fruits and vegetables..
  • Multivitamin supplements help in some cases if you have acne or skin problems.

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2. Body Skin Care Tips

You must take care of your body like hands and feet skin as much as you take care of your face skin. Saying it louder for the people in the back. Hands and feet are the most delicate parts and get damaged easily because we use them the most.

  • Use hand cream, any well-branded drugstore hand cream will do. Apply hand cream before bed and twice or thrice every day to have soft hands.
  • If you can’t find a hand cream suitable for you, you can use a moisturizer or aloe vera gel instead..
  • Feet masks work wonders, you can buy Korean feet masks and wear them overnight to wake up to soft feet in the morning.
  • If you don’t want to buy feet masks, apply heavy winter moisturizer or cleansing milk on your feet at night, massage and wear socks and wake up to the softest feet ever.
  • Cut your nails and clean your fingers and toes every day.
  • Exfoliate and scrub your feet and hands thrice a week.

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3. Acne and other skincare problems.

Acne and other skincare problems are caused by lack of skincare, having an unhygienic lifestyle and sleeping on unwashed pillows, stress, and using unnecessary products.

How to have healthy acne-free skin at home?

  • Eat Vitamins, whether supplements or fruits and veggies full of vitamins C and B.
  • Use sunscreen/sunblock on skin.
  • Drink water, very essential for acne-prone skin.
  • Masks only work if you are using the right ones. Not everything suits everybody. Look up your skin problems based on your skin type and buy products that suit you not because you think the packaging is cute.
  • Follow a proper skincare routine every day and use overnight masks, gels, creams.

4. Daily Skincare routine.

Having a daily skincare routine every day and night is the key to having health and great skin! Here we’re listing step by step skincare routine and you can add/change as per your liking.

  • Step 1: Exfoliate your face, Wash your face with a good foaming face wash or cleanser and cleanse your skin.
  • Step 2: Apply Toner or essence, as per your skin needs.
  • Step 3: Use an eye cream. if you don’t have one, you can apply aloe vera gel as well.
  • Step 4: Now is the time to apply your prescribed creams if you’re doing spot treatment. Skip this step if you are not.
  • Step 5: Apply serums/ face oils if you’re using any.
  • Step 6: Never skip this step. Apply moisturizer.

If you are busy and can’t follow a heavy and long skincare routine, simply keep a few things in mind!

  • Use SPF/Sunscreen-based moisturizer every day even if your working from home.
  • Apply face masks every weekend, massage your face with your favorite essential oils or serums every weekend.
  • Take care of your body too, Eat clean and healthy food your skin will be glowing naturally.
  • Workout and sweat it out thrice a week, it is essential for skincare.
  • Drink water as much as you can in a day.
  • Buy lip balms and apply them every 3 hours. You can make lip balms at home as well.


Natural Skincare tips: 

Some natural skincare tips for people who hate to use chemicals on the skin.

Your Guide to Taking Care of your Skin in Every Season of the Year.
Natural Skin Care Tips. Image credits: Farryn Amber, Pinterest

For Dark Lips: Use honey and sugar! Mix honey and sugar together and use it as a lip scrub every day!

For Pigmentation: Use Aloe vera gel and Vitamin E or C oil, mix it together and massage gently and wash your face after 10 mins. do this every day!

Skincare Without using any products:  You can do facial exercises and get that healthy glow on your skin. Eating clean and less oily food and avoiding soda helps too.

Skincare with Gua Sha and Jade rollers: Many influencers and celebrities use this viral technique with Gua Sha and Jade rollers for skincare. Gua sha has been very effective in tightening skin and for glass skin. People use Gua Sha with essential oils and massage their faces with a bunch of techniques to sculpt their faces, Gua Sha is used for sculpted jawline and is very famous and is a top hit in beauty stores these days. Gua sha got very famous when beauty bloggers started using them and it has proven to be effective in making your face look sculpted like celebrities.

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(Featured image credits: Skincare on Pinterest, Pinterest)

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