MVP Award in IPL 2021: TOP 8 Players Who Can Win the Most Valuable Player Award.

Apr 16, 2021 | IPL 2021 Updates

TOP 8 Players Who Can Win the (Most Valuable Player)MVP Award in IPL 2021.

MVP Award in IPL 2021: Indian Premier League is a hub of cricket and tons of entertainment. Performances, attitude, aggression, and skilled games of players are what entertain their fans most.

although every player is valuable, we’re talking about the award which is basically Man of the Tournament but in the IPL world, they call it Most Valuable Player!

What is Most Valuable Player Award and Who can Win it? MVP Award in IPL 2021.

Some players bat well and take the Orange cap home, Some players bowl well and get the purple cap home, Although the Indian Premier League which is also called IPL, has an award for the player who stands Most Valuable throughout the tournament. The Award is called Most Valuable player of the year which is also called the MVP!

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What all a Player has to do to become eligible to win Most Valuable Player Award in IPL? 

Every year IPL gets one player who is in a circle of fame throughout the tournament, when Sunil Narine, who is a full-time spinner of Kolkata Knight Riders opened for the team with his big hits to pace bowling, it was a strategy made by the team to give a kick start in every match which worked for them and Sunil Narine was talked throughout the whole IPL season that year.

Similarly, Players like Andre Russel who finished the difficult matches, Virat Kohli showed off his mature performances and Chris Gayle is known for his huge and massive sixes. There’s always that one or sometimes a bunch of players who do something spectacular and that catches the audience’s eyes and they get in the circle of fame for every particular year in each season of Indian Premier League, IPL.

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How different is the MVP Award from the Man of the Tournament Award? 

Players are not only valuable for their respective teams but they are also valuable for IPL because fans see them as Entertainers of that year. Earlier Most Valuable player was known as “Man of the Tournament”, Later IPL introduced a point system for the same and named it the most valuable player. Points are decided on basis of respective things. It is basically Man of the Tournament but the Indian Premier League has a different name for this award to make it “valuable”.

Breakdown of the Points for Indian Premier League (IPL) to win the ‘Most Valuable Player‘ (MVP) Award in IPL 2021. :

  1. – Every 4 runs (Boundary) 2.5 points.
  2. – Every 6 runs have 3.5 points
  3. – Every wicket has 3.5 points
  4. – Every dot ball gives 1 point to the bowler
  5. – Every catch, Stumping, and runout gives 2.5 points to the player

These are the points and criteria on which valuable player is decided and awarded, This is happening since 2013, Player not only has to gain point in his expert area but has to be attentive on the field, A batsman is supposed to hit out of the park shots, while bowlers are supposed to beat batsman and take as many wickets as they can.

Has anyone won the MVP Award before in the history of IPL? 

Some promising players have been titled with Most Valuable player, let us take look at the list.

  • (2008) – Shane Watson, (Rajasthan Royals)
  • (2009) – Adam Gilchrist, (Deccan Chargers)
  • (2010) – Sachin Tendulkar, (Mumbai Indians)
  • (2012) – Chris Gayle, (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
  • (2013) – Sunil Narine, (Kolkata Knight Riders)

The player rating system was introduced in 2013, and the name was changed to Most Valuable Player.

  • (2013) – Shane Watson, (Rajasthan Royals with 386 points)
  • (2014) – Glenn Maxwell (Kings XI Punjab with 286 points)
  • (2015) – Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders with 312 points)
  • (2016) – Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore with 356.5 points)
  • (2017) – Ben Stokes (Rising Pune Supergiant with 270 points)
  • (2018) – Sunil Narine (Kolkata Knight Riders with 379.5 points)
  • (2019) – Andre Russel (Kolkata Knight Riders with 369 points)
  • (2020) – Jofra Archer (Rajasthan Royals with 305 points)

Analysis of the list shows that all-rounders have more chances to win this title, even last year Jofra Archer who is an all-rounder picked up this award but still players who were strong contenders to Archer were all bowlers, Kagiso Rabada, Jaspreet Bumrah, Rashid Khan, Trent Boult. This year’s competition is going to be even tougher.

TOP 8 Players who can win the MVP Award in IPL 2021.

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8. Rishabh Pant

Wicketkeepers of Delhi capitals have all the opportunities for gaining points behind the stumps as well as by his bat, Rishabh Pant is known for his fast stumping and innovative batting. In IPL 2020, some of Pant’s innings were so helpful that it grabbed Delhi Capitals to finals. This year, Pant might be planning for more destruction of the rival team’s bowling lineup.

7. Andre Russel 

This Jamaican all-rounder is a disaster for any bowling lineup in death overs, Andre Russel from Kolkata Knight Riders has won the Most Valuable Player(MVP) title twice in 2015, 2019 and this year he is more than ready!

His medium-pace bowling and out of the park sixes helps him to gain points. Fans are surely waiting for the same entertainment from Russel.

6. Ben Stokes 

The entire IPL season of 2017 performance of Ben Stokes was the only player who was highly discussed throughout the tournament, with his awesome batting and great bowling, Stokes is a player who also has great fielding skills which are his plus point to win the title of the Most Valuable Player.

5. Jaspreet Bumrah 

As mentioned above, Bowlers always have the advantage of gaining the points, as their every dot ball adds up in their points table, and speaking of Jaspreet Bumrah, he is skilled enough to bowl dot balls and take wickets, last year’s second runner up of the title will be all ready for winning the title of Most Valuable Player this year.

4. Rashid Khan 

The magnificent Leg spinner from Afghanistan is known for his good economy, when Rashid bowls, he gets pretty scrooge in giving runs and is only hungry for wickets and his attention in the game makes him on this contender list of winning the title of the Most Valuable Player.

3. Ravindra Jadeja 

Ravindra Jadeja has all chances to win this award of the Most valuable player in IPL 2021, his finishing skills and his spin bowling has always helped Chennai Super Kings to win the cup, this year he has lots of responsibilities as he is the prime spin bowler of Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings.

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2. Kagiso Rabada 

South African pace bowler has shown his potential in the last two seasons of IPL. His line and length with his swings have always troubled the opponent teams, in the previous season, he was the highest wicket-taker and was also a runner up in the race of the Most valuable player, if he performs the same in this year he has all the probability to win this title.

1. Jofra Archer 

Jofra Archer has already won the title of Most Valuable Player in IPL 2020, currently, his form in the India-England series is great.

His finishing skills in both, Bowling and batting will surely help him in gaining points for winning the award, no player was near to his points last year, the fans are hoping that this year it might be the same for him to win again the title of Most Valuable Player of the year in IPL 2021.

Let us hope for our respective teams to win and our favorite player to get this award, all fans can do is support their respective teams and players no matter what is the result.

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