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VOTE: Best Celebrity Couple Of All Time!- SahiHaiBro

Now is the time to vote for the Best Celebrity Couple Of ALLLL TIME!

We’ve been watching celebrities on television for a long time now, We see and are a part of everything they do and we love knowing more and we’re just so curious about everything they do, what brands they use, what car they drive, we want to know every detail when it comes to our favourites!

I mean, this is how they inspire us, right? So we can work hard and buy that car like them or buy that phone and take pictures like them, maybe I’m speaking for myself, but hey, I’ve been a fangirl for so long! I love celebrities! well not all of them, but some of them have a special place in my heart! So if we’re talking about goals, we have all sort of goals! #ApartmentGoals, #SkinGoals, #BodyGoals and #RelationshipGoals!

#RelationshipGoals is the most talked on, full of masala kind of topic. We’ve been watching live telecasts of the weddings for a long now, and oh how we wish we were part of the baraat! the luxurious, big fat weddings! From watching #DeepVeer getting married to crushing on #SidNaaz’s innocent love, we all try to find ourselves in them. Here is the poll to know who’s you’re favourite couple, is it #RanLia? or #Virushka? is it #DeepVeer? or everyone’s favourite #SidNaaz?

VOTE now and let us know in the comments below WHY you like them!

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Best Celebrity Couple Of All Time!Who is your #relationshipgoals? (you can vote multiple times! just wait for 1 minute after voting once and refresh the page and VOTE again!)


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