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Want to lose weight but don’t have any inspiration? Here’s Shehnaaz Gill’s Weight Loss Secret! 68 kgs???- SahiHaiBro

The “Fly” kudi and Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif aka Shehnaaz Gill always makes headlines. This time it is for her amazing body transformation which is so under-appreciated, We researched enough and found out the secret to her weight loss.

Who is Shehnaaz Gill?

Shehnaaz Gill is an actor, singer hailing from Punjab. She made it big in Bigg Boss 13 and became very popular and received lots of love and gained an overwhelming amount of fanbase in India and Canada,  Shehnaaz Gill then got featured in a lot of Music Videos with famous singers and music directors like Tony Kakkar, Badshah, and Jassie Gill.

Shehnaaz Gill has a fanbase named #Shehnaazians, her fans go through a lot of hate every day from trolls and haters but they still never refuse to give up on Shehnaaz Gill and they make trending topics all on their own.

What is Shehnaaz Gill’s weight loss Secret?

Shehnaaz Gill has given lots of interviews and answered fans’ questions related to her weight loss. When asked how did she lose her weight, and how did she transform herself in 6 months, she says, Shehnaaz included that anybody can lose their weight if they put their heart into it.


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Shehnaaz Gill has made headlines on her fashion sense and style a lot of times. Shehnaaz also included that She started eating less food every day and followed a strict diet.

What diet plan Shehnaaz Gill follow every day to lose weight?

Shehnaaz Gill said in an interview that she started cutting off food from her daily diet, stopped eating sweets, soda and drank a lot of water, and worked out regularly.

Shehnaaz Gill has to stop eating chocolate to lose her weight and She told it was very hard and there were times she couldn’t control herself from eating.

Shehnaaz Gill said she eats simple food every day like moong and dal (2 meals) for the whole day and she ate nothing except that.

She also added She ate 1 roti instead of two and two instead of 3. She kept eating less than her hunger and that’s how she lost so much weight in 6 months.

Shehnaaz Gill weighed 68kgs before starting her diet and workout.

and now she weighs around 54kg now and this is a huge transformation.

Shehnaaz Gill has been a star on social media with her new trending topics every day and She has given us another reason to be inspired by her by sharing her weight loss journey with the fans. Shehnaaz Gill has been true to her fans and is known for her innocent and cute nature and style of talking.

Shehnaaz Gill was Salman Khan’s favourite contestant on Bigg Boss 13 and Salman Khan gave her the name “Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif” which translates to “Punjab’s own Katrina Kaif”

What do you think?

Are you inspired by Shehnaaz Gill’s amazing transformation?

Comment down below what do you think and Why do you like Shehnaaz Gill?

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