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Want to give your room a makeover? Here are 50 Aesthetic Printable Posters For Your Room!- SahiHaiBro

Are you living out of city in a rented room with plain walls? You wanna give it a makeover but it is temporary and you aren’t allowed/afford to paint? Here are free 50 aesthetic printable posters to give your room a makeover!

You can print them stick as it is with glue tape, or you can print them and spend a few bucks and frame them! It will give your room a whole new look and you can rearrange the furniture as per your liking, put some led lights and damn! you room is a e s t h e t i c  now!

(Sahi Hai Bro does NOT have rights of the pictures below, these pictures are curated from Pinterest and all the credits and rights goes to their respected artists on Pinterest)

Dorm room kinda vibes!


Harry Styles poster .1!


Harry Styles Adore You poster



Beyond the universe? 


Kyoto, Japan. <3


Forever Mood:


this kinda gives me GTA Vibes, looks better framed or stuck with coloured tapes on a room wall with more similar pictures!


ooh! this poster is soo trippy!


This poster gives a prada vibe, all the luxurious aesthetic, cottagecore, I’d put this poster in my wardrobe, this is so powerful!


For the geeks:


I mean this is not free but I’d buy it and frame it somewhere in my living room! This will look so minimal on black/white walls with minimal furniture around!


Giving all those candyfloss aesthetic vibes, more like vaporwave but soft vaporwave. This suits any kind of aesthetic and anyone will adore this one!


This will definitely look great if framed, also looks great if placed on study/computer tables!

If you love anime, for the OG otakus!


What an uplifting and motivating Poster!


for the OG vaporwave aesthetic!


HIIIIIIIGH! This will definitely look great if printed in pieces and placed it near your long standing mirror! Perfect Mirror selfies!


Soooo relaxing! This will look better framed in your dining wall!


For the brown ladies <3 Looks better as poster stuck with glue tapes also looks better if stuck with colored tapes!


For the people who love surfing! Looks better framed! 


Again, This isn’t free, but I’m sure it will look great in room of a beautiful brown girl! <3


For brown girls!




For the surfers! Looks great as a poster just stuck with tapes on wall! Also looks great as tapestry!


For the art aesthetic! This will look better framed, if you frame three copies of this and place it on your living room plain solid color wall with hints of blue furniture and decor.


if you love Vans, this is your skateboard aesthetic poster!


Another ** day poster! For the people who hate mondays and love weekends!


That’s it! That’s the post! But we have more posters for you and we update them daily, so go on take a week to think and collect 10-20 posters for your room!


You can also download these and make this a wallpaper or lock screen on your phone, works both ways!

Comment which one are you going to put on your wall or which one did you liked!

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