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Nepotism? Why Arjun Tendulkar doesn’t deserve to be in IPL 2021?- SahiHaiBro

Why Arjun Tendulkar doesn’t deserve to be in IPL 2021?

Cricket, Cricket is widely accepted and loved by Indians from the bottom of their
heart, Cricket is not only a topic which is discussed in public or newspaper or
on media/ social media but also has connections with every household in India.
This is why cricket is addressed as a religion in our country and about three
a decade ago this religion created its god, a boy named Sachin Ramesh

Cricketers are role model for Indians, people love their idols so much that
they even name their kids on the name of their favorite cricket stars, the reason why
we find many 90s kids named Sachin, Sourav or Rahul followed by names of
Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid. Sachin with all his world
class records and his immense talent stood out to be a legend among these

The game has changed its patterns over time, there are new formats introduced
in cricket which has made this game more and more exciting, entertaining and
has pulled way more audience than earlier. People love to watch cricket be it
be Test Match or One day International, but T-20 is the most amusing format
of this game, Which is widely accepted in India. This T-20 got fame in India
since its very first world cup which was won by India and just within a span of
the year this T-20 format gave birth to its very special child, the Indian Premier league aka

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Everyone started to support their teams of IPL on basis of their favorite
players, a person from Mumbai started supporting CSK just for Dhoni, or a person
from Delhi supported RCB because of his love for Virat. In the same way the god of
cricket, Sachin Tendulkar became part of Mumbai Indians. He played for Mumbai and after
retirement became the mentor of the same team.

IPL has been a prominent platform for newcomers to show their talent, it has
gifted new responsible and match-winning players to the Indian team as well, like
Hardik Pandya, Kunal Pandya, Hanuman Vihari, Sanju Samson, Jaspreet
Bumrah is some names who made the best out of the opportunity and created their place in their respective team as well as in the Indian Cricket Team.

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Who is Arjun Tendulkar?

Recently IPL auction took place on 17th February 2021 in which Chriss Morris
was sold to Rajasthan Royals for 16.25cr INR, the highest bid in IPL history. Although there
were legendary players which were sold at a higher price some of them were not
able to crack auction and were not able to take their place in any respective team, but still, all lights, all attention was on only one player this year who is Son of Sachin
Tendulkar, Arjun Sachin Tendulkar.

Here comes the real question,

Does Arjun Tendulkar deserve to be in IPL 2021?

If Arjun would have been sold to any other team rather than Mumbai Indians
which is mentored by his father himself who is also close friends with the owner of
team, then there was no point to question his selection in the team but he
was bought by Mumbai Indians itself. This brings his selection to the question that is this
the beginning of nepotism in Cricket?

Mumbai has deserving all-rounders such as Kiron Pollard, Hardik Pandya,
Krunal Pandya, Marco Jansen. So was there any need of any other all-rounder
in this team? Or he is selected just because of the name of his father?
One more question arises here is that players such as Kusal Parera, Darren
Bravo, Martin Guptill, Mohit Sharma, Thisara Parera remained unsold in this
auction who had much more experience compared to Arjun has so is it not injustice for
these senior players? still, it is the decision of respective teams and their strategy.

Another question here is will Arjun be able to play responsibly in pressure
match because there will be lots of expectations from him as he is the son of
legend Sachin Tendulkar, though there is nothing from his domestic career
from which he could be remembered for, him handling an intense match
the pressure is questionable.
Even though there are all these questions on Arjun’s deservingness, it is he who
have to prove this.

(Featured Image Credits: Arjun Tendulkar on Instagram)

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