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Why Jasmin Bhasin deserved to win Bigg Boss Season 14?- SahiHaiBro

In a world full of brutality, hate, violence there are a few people who are so nice that it makes the world a better place. We all know the world isn’t fair and it gives chances to people who don’t deserve it much, or maybe they are not the ones to get it they are just grabbing it or taking advantage because they are manipulative, or have better communication skills.

This is what happened when Jasmin Bhasin got out of the Bigg Boss House, it was unexpected looking at the fan following and popularity she has outside the house. Salman Khan cried. We all cried because we were already seeing her as a winner and she got eliminated all of sudden.

Being called “Jasmean” all over Twitter is very harsh for a young heart, Jasmin has always been pushing her limits and fighting with everyone including her good old friend Rubina Dilaik. There was a trend on Twitter saying “Shame on you, Jasmin!” but nobody knows what exactly happened and nobody sees what exactly a person is going through. We all had a best friend that turned into an enemy or just a person who we used to know and its painful because that bond is irreplaceable, it is the only thing that you think will not let you go and will always be your side but something happens and boom that person is against you.

Jasmin Bhasin deserved to win because she stood up for herself, played for herself, was not part of the dirty politics and games. While everybody was pointing fingers at her and she was standing alone. Aly Goni was and is the only one who was with her and supported her throughout everything that was happening.

Why Jasmin Bhasin deserved to win because RIGHT after she left the Bigg Boss House, Twitter flooded with rage and tweets asking the makers to not eliminate her and bring her back. There was a trend on twitter not for one day, not for two days but for over a week, which was hashtag Bring Jasmin Bhasin Back! the hashtag #BringJasminBhasinBack crossed 2M tweets in India!

There are millions of fans who would still want her back in the game, as a contestant, no doubt other contestants will be scared and intimidated because of her growing and the immense support of fans outside the Bigg Boss house, known as “Real” and “Best Player” Jasmin has done everything a perfect Bigg Boss contestant must do to entertain his/her fans, We have seen everything, her jokes, her laughter, her tears and the way she loves. the way she hates.

Admit it, even if you’re not a fan of her, you know you want her back, love her or hate her, you cant ignore her! The Bigg Boss Season 14 Finale is set to be on February 21 let’s tweet the makers as much as we can! We want Jasmin Back, We want the innocent and silly Jasly love back, She is fun, fierce and entertaining, what all qualities would you want in a contestant on Bigg Boss show?

Do you think Jasmin Bhasin deserved to win Bigg Boss Season 14?

Love Jasmin? Or Hate Jasmin? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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