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Despite being a wild-card, Here’s Why Aly Goni Deserved to Win Bigg Boss Season 14.- SahiHaiBro

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Week: How Wild Card Entry Aly Goni Won Audience’s Hearts in such a short amount of time.

When Aly Goni entered the house very few people knew him, He participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi and Nach Baliye, but when He entered in the Bigg Boss House to support his good friend Jasmin Bhasin, the fans loved Aly Goni’s presence in Salman Khan’s reality show. Aly Goni later confessed his love for Jasmin Bhasin and Jasmin Bhasin confessed too that she thinks their relationship is more than friendship although they wont give it a tag.

Aly Goni got evicted from the show but then he was brought back and somehow started playing game and today he is one of the finalist and almost winning the game while winning hearts. He played the game very well. He managed everything very well while entertaining and making his voice heard, also His relationship with Jasmin Bhasin made the headlines and made the audience fall in love with both of them.

When Jasmin got evicted from the house, Aly got weak and everyone thought he won’t last in the game for more than a week, but Aly stood for his opinions, and managed to play the game, did tasks very honestly, and bonded with Rubina Dilaik very well, although Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin have had very bad and ugly fights in the past episodes. Jasmin Bhasin came back for a while and advised Aly to not trust anyone on the show and Aly knew She was pointing at Rubina Dilaik, but Aly still stood on his point and didn’t let Jasmin Bhasin’s opinion affect his bond with Rubina Dilaik. This showed how Aly is a great friend and knows and understands other’s intentions towards him, while Rubina stuck with him and was a great friend to him too, still is.

Aly managed to be friends with almost everyone but his bond with Rahul Vaidya also got very famous and the audience liked watching both of them having fun and chilling on the show. Rahul Vaidya too has been very true with Aly throughout the game and Rahul has supported Aly through all his arguments with Rakhi Sawant.

Aly Goni deserved to win because the love and support he is getting is not only because of Jasmin Bhasin, but also because he has made his individual presence in the Bigg Boss House and without any PR campaigns or forced trending topics on social media, Aly Goni has genuinely gained fans who do the trending topics out of love and just to genuinely support him. Aly Goni’s organic fame on social media says it all.

Aly Goni also deserved to win because He is a very strong minded person who doesn’t listens to anyone and anyone’s opinion doesn’t affects his mental being or his game. Despite of getting involved in a few heated arguments, Aly Goni doesn’t have any history of getting into ugly fights that turn into huge controversies.

Aly Goni is a perfect contestant Bigg Boss Season 14 needed, and is now a finalist. Fans of Aly Goni have already trended “Aly Already A Winner” on twitter and that shows how much people love him.

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